Concordia University Ann Arbor Athletics Day Off Policy


During the academic year (fall and spring semesters), all athletic related activities shall be prohibited at least one day per 7 consecutive day period.  This requirement is intended to give student athletes one calendar day off per week during their sport season and throughout the academic year.


Definition of athletic related activities: Any required activity with an athletics’ purpose that involves student-athletes and is directed or supervised by a person on the coaching staff, including strength and conditioning coaches.


What counts as athletic related activities?

  • Competition
  • Practice
  • Workouts
  • Skill instruction
  • Film study
  • Required participation in camps
  • Use of any facility when activities are supervised by a member of the coaching staff


What doesn’t count as athletically related activities?

  • Study hall/tutoring
  • Community service
  • Organizational meetings
  • Medical exams or treatments
  • Team travel when no physical practice or film requirements occur


Specific time periods that do not require a day off:

  • Preseason practice that occurs before the first day of classes
  • Postseason competition schedule that spans a period equal to or greater than 7 days



Any questions about the above policy can be directed to Lonnie Pries at