Hall Of Fame

Concordia Athletic Hall of Fame - In 2009, Concordia University-Ann Arbor proudly began its Athletic Hall of Fame. Its purpose is to not only recognize outstanding achievements in and contributions to Concordia athletics, but to have those iconic people serve as beacons for the current and future growth of sports at our school.

The primary criteria for consideration of any individual is the contribution to the Concordia University Ann Arbor (Concordia College) athletics while attending or serving the university. However accomplishments after departing Concordia, excluding statistics/information as an athlete at another institution, could also be considered as supporting information to an individudal's candidacy.

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2024 Concordia University Hall of Fame induction. Nominations can be submitted by using the link below. 

CUAA Athletic Hall of Fame Nomination Form

CUAA Athletic Hall of Fame Online Form



Robert Monroe

Amy Wilson

Walt Harting

1999 Softball Team


Dave Behnke

Kristy (Bilbie) Bekius

1995 Volleyball Team



Jeremy Harrison

Susan (Topolosky) Schotte



Eric Cassidy

Karen (Keskey) Graves



Lisa Landerschier

Sarah (Riske) Twietmeyer

Audra (Block) VanBrandt

Alan Twietmeyer

Kim Berrington



Sandi (Reynaert) Wade

Betsy (Stump) Nylander

Kathie (Holmes) Pereira

Kim (Chaffee) Bentley



Dave Wenzel

Robin Santiago

Steve Hardin

Wendy (Woods) Rogers



Rachel (Wesche) Bomberger

Chuck Boerger

Rocko Holmes

2011-12 Women's Basketball Team



Zachary Johnston

Stephanie Malik

Jayne (Kregel) Diroff

Jay Biesenthal



Brad Lyons

Dan Ramthun

Keturah Thunder-Haab




Kirk Dueker

Rachel Palmer


Hannah Sabol


Ashley Hart Warner




Kelly (Kennedy) Collins

Alex Hoover


Takari Johnson


Tammy Sabourin