Women's Bowling see's record fall at American Heartland Classic

Women's Bowling see's record fall at American Heartland Classic

(Canton, MI) - The Concordia Cardinals Women's Bowling team headed east for a weekend full of bowling at the American Heartland Classic Tournament. The weekend would see two tournaments with the Cardinals coming in fourth and seventh in each tournament respectively. 



With the Cardinals finishing in fourth place in the first tournament of the week, they would hit a total of 7006 pins after individual and baker games. 



Gabriella VanHorn and Shannon Gieger would see the top of the Cardinal leaderboard as they would be back-to-back in 15th and 16th place knocking over 988 and 985 respectively. Next up would be Alyvia Hock with a 28th-place finish and 921 total pins. 


Bowling in four of the five games was Brook Binder as she would hit 804 pins and average 201. Emilee Hughes, who bowled three games, hit 605 pins and an average of 201.7 was next on the team. Isabell Cooley would do two games and hit 351 pins, while Bailey Tomlin hit 206 pins in her sole game. 



The top Cardinal on the JV team was Kara Ward in 38th place with 887 pins. Kyla Peterson knocked over 869 total pins. Emily Morris was third on the team with a score of 857. Next would be Arielle Oakley with a score of 846. The final JV bowler would be Ashley Kreger with a score of 820.



Taking home the team title for the first event would be Lawrence Tech with a total of 7382 pins. The individual winner would come from Trine University as Jenna Brewer with 1133 total pins and a 226.6 average.



The second event of the weekend saw CUAA finish in seventh place with 6241 total pins. 



Coming away with the individual title was Gabriella VanHorn as she tallied a score of 869 while averaging 217.3 pins. Next up in 22nd place would be Alyvia Hock as she would end up knocking down 758 total pins over her four games. Shannon Geiger would not fall behind Hock by much by hitting 729 pins. 


The fourth top bowler for the Cardinals was Emilee Hughes with a 675 score and an average of 168.75 pins. The fifth bowler would be Isabell Cooley with a score of 604. 



Kyla Peterson would be the top JV bowler with a 768 and 192 average. Ashley Kreger would see her finish second on the team with a 702 score and a 175.5 average. Kara Ward hit a total of 680 pins over the four games. Coming next was Amanda Fisher with a score of 612. Emily Morris and Summer Cowger would split the final four games as Morris would hit a total of 525 pins over her three games and Cowger 123 in her sole game. 



VanHorn would break the Women's Bowling program record in her four-game series with a score of 869



Alma College would come away with the team title for this event with a score of 6765 pins. 



The Cardinals will head to the second Wolverine-Hoosier Athletics Conference (WHAC) Jamboree next weekend, Saturday, October 5th at the Thunderbowl Lanes in Allen Park, Michigan.