UNOH takes down Women's Basketball 70-68

UNOH takes down Women's Basketball 70-68

(Lima, OH) – Concordia women's basketball went on the road Wednesday night to face UNOH.   The game featured multiple lead changes and went down to the last second, but the Racers pulled off the victory with a 70-68 win. 

Taylor Leatherman led the Cardinals with 17 points and tied Keirslynn Lawless with a team-high 9 rebounds.  Izzy Viau was second with 13 points.  Julia Hirt and Samantha Dorn were also in double figures with 12 and 11 points respectively. 


Izzy Viau opened scoring with two free throws.  Samantha Dorn and Taylor Leatherman added early baskets for a 6-2 lead.  Izzy Viau and Ellie Kallner converted layups and the game saw a 3-minute stretch with no scoring by either team.  Taylor Leatherman had two late baskets for a 15-12 lead after the 1st. 

Zaria Mitchner scored with a floater to start the 2ndKeirslynn Lawless made an offensive putback and Taylor Leatherman hit a short jumper.  An 8-1 run by UNOH gave the Racers a 25-22 lead, but Julia Hirt countered with a triple and a go-ahead transition basket.  Keirslynn Lawless had a basket inside, but UNOH surged ahead again with a 36-29 lead.  A layup from Julia Hirt and free throws from Lawless put CUAA down 36-33 at halftime. 


Taylor Leatherman had two free throws and a jumper to give the Cardinals an early lead in the 3rdJulia Hirt had two free throws and both Zaria Mitchner and Leatherman scored.  UNOH took a 44-43 lead before Samantha Dorn knocked down a triple to answer.  Keirslynn Lawless kept working inside and Izzy Viau made a 3-pointer and a layup.  CUAA led 53-51 after the 3rd. 

Samantha Dorn made a triple for an early 4th-quarter basket.  Julia Hirt hit a 3-pointer for a 60-55 advantage and Taylor Leatherman added two free throws.  After UNOH rallied to tie the game 62-62, Izzy Viau made free throws and a layup to start a 6-0 run capped by two Samantha Dorn free throws. 

The Racers tied the game 68-68 with 35 seconds left.  After forcing a turnover with 7 seconds left, two free throws put UNOH ahead 70-68.  The Cardinals took a timeout and drew up an inbound play with 1.1 seconds left, but the ball was deflected by the Racers and time expired. 


Concordia will return home to host UM-Dearborn this Saturday at 1pm.